The Miguel Hernández University has four Campus Management Centers, created by agreement with the University Administration Commission, 19 July 1998, and integrated in the central services of the University as unit of the Management structure. It functions under the principle of administrative decentralization, and it aims for an independent administration on Campus, specialization, operative coordination and a close response to users of the University services in order to reach greater speed, flexibility and efficacy in administration.

From the very beginning, the different Campus Management Centers of the Miguel Hernández University have made an effort to integrate and constitute efficient and efficacious teams for the implementation of its competencies; strengthening the University as an institution and situating it as an academic and administrative nexus among the students.

The Mission of the Management Centers is to coordinate all those services, either internal or external, that are necessary for the correct and appropriate function of Campus administrative activities related to teaching, research and general university, as well as informing students and diffusing the academic offer of the different courses that are taught at the University.

The functions carried out by the Campus Management Centers are, for example:

– Process economic-administrative procedures related to Departments, Centers and Services on each Campus.

– Carry out student administration for the different Campus Faculties or Schools

– Collaborate in the administration matters from Student and General Affairs

– Act as an auxiliary register of documents, petitions, etc. to the University General Register.

– Participate in the administration of Human resources.

– Supervise the compliance of the service contractors on the campuses.